L.A. Business Today Filmed at Duarte High School

  • LA Business Today

     Four episodes of “LA Business Today” were filmed at Duarte High School by students in the school’s award-winning Video Production Class through a partnership established between the producers of “LA Business Today” and the Duarte Unified School District. This opportunity offers Duarte High School students authentic work experience with professionals in the field. The Duarte High School Culinary Arts Class provided food services for the production team and crew during the shoot.
    Hosted by news veterans Bob and Sharon Jimenez locally on Channel 35, “L.A. Business Today” is a thirty-minute television interview program that provides information on the business climate of the city of Los Angeles. The show features interviews with economic forecasters, economic policy planners, business educators and the founders, CEOs, CFOs and managers of the most significant public and private businesses within Los Angeles.
    “L.A. Business Today” is executive produced and hosted by Bob and Sharon Jimenez. Bob is an award winning journalist who has won 5 Emmy's, a Peabody and was the first Latino on the Today Show. Sharon Jimenez is also an award winning journalist turned media consultant. She worked as media west coast director for the Kucenic presidential campaigns.
    Instrumental in developing the shows collaboration with the Duarte Unified School District is Polo Munoz, Supervising Producer of “LA Business Today” and Co-Manager, Developer & Instructor of the LIFI Cinema Project. The filming took place on October 19, 2014 from 7:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. at the DHS Video Production Studio - 1565 East Central Avenue, Duarte, CA 91010. More shows are scheduled to film at Duarte High School throughout the school year. 

    CONTACT:   For further information, please contact Kevin Morris, Director of Community, College and Career for Duarte Unified at (626) 786-1306 or kmorris@duarteusd.org.