Measure E Social Return on Investment Study

  • MEASURES FOR SUCCESS: A Study of Social Return on Investment for General Obligation Bonds at Work Within Duarte High School, conducted by Jennifer Atwell, M.B.A., through a Social Return on Investment Independent Consulting Internship completed August 2013.
    This report sought to explore, quantify, and reflect on the economic and social returns on investment for general obligation bond dollars invested into Duarte Unified School District over the past 14 years, with a focus on Duarte High School. It was observed that outcomes are enjoyed by recipients who are both directly and indirectly involved with Duarte High School, and for each group, benefits both of a personal and distributed nature apply.

    A return on investment figure of approximately $1.59 on average (across the past 15 years) in value created for every $1 invested in Duarte High was calculated, a portion of which is attributable to General Obligation Bonds, where considering the increase in annual lifetime income, as well as savings on crime and healthcare spending, for diploma holders compared with dropouts. With other factors of influence held constant over time, as opposed to GO funded projects which were introduced in 1998-1999, least 50% of the returns addressed here are, conservatively speaking, attributed to the changes associated with
    the bond-funded projects.
    Read the full study by clicking: Measures for Success