Community Advisory Committee (CAC)

  • The Community Advisory Committee (CAC) is an advisory committee made up of parents, professionals and community members from the 14 member school districts within the West San Gabriel Valley Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA), and the Los Angeles County Office of Education (LACOE).

    Role of the CAC
    The CAC serves as an advisory board to review and help develop the Local Plan for Special Education required under EC Sec 56190. The CAC recommends annual priorities to be addressed by the SELPA, encourages community involvement, assists in parent education and provides support to families with children in special education.

    Participating in the CAC

    All CAC meetings are open to the public. Parents and other caregivers are encouraged to attend these meetings where they can learn about what is happening in their school district, around the state and receive other important information about special education. Voting members are appointed and approved by the school board of each district. The majority of voting membership must be comprised of parents of children with disabilities enrolled in public or private schools within the SELPA. Everyone concerned with the education of children with special needs are welcome to attend.