• School-Based Mental Health

    Eliminating Barriers to Academic Achievement

    The overall mission of school-based mental health is to promote healthy social, emotional, and behavioral development of students. Studies have shown the value of developing school mental health programs in helping students achieve academically and have access to experiences that build social skills, leadership, self-awareness, and caring connections to adults in their school and community. Barriers to learning are addressed so that the well-being of students and families are enhanced. DUSD’s strong partnerships with community based mental health agencies have promoted school-based mental health services at each of our school sites. These partnerships have found to significantly improve schoolwide truancy and discipline rates, increase the rates of high school graduation, and help create a positive school environment in which a student can learn and be successful in school and in the community. For further information please visit the listed mental health facilities webpage below. 

    D'Veal Family & Youth Services: Click Here
    Pacific Clinics: Click Here