• iboss certificate download


    Installing iBoss Certificate

    (Meant for out of district computers that need to connect to our network)

    • DUSD Bring Your Own devices
    • 2018 VV HotSpot students


    Download iBoss certificate from District Website  

    Pushing Root Certificate to clients:

    The certificate must be installed as a Trusted Root Certification Authority.

     It is important to note that Firefox and Chrome\IE share two different certificate stores.  

     To install the certificate on a single (Windows) machine:

    1.    Double click on the certificate in your downloads folder.
    2.    Click Install Certificate.
    3.    Set the Store Location to be Local Machine.
    4.    Click Place Certificate in the Following Store and select Trusted Root Certification Authorities.

    This will install the certificate into the Chrome\IE cert store.  

     To install into Firefox:

    1.    Navigate to Options->Advanced->Certificates->View Certificates->Authorities
    2.    Click Import.
    3.    Browse to your certificate.

     After performing these steps on any browser be sure to clear the cache and completely close the browser.