Parent Preference Survey Data

  • Duarte Unified issued a Parent Preference Survey requesting feedback regarding the instructional models parents would feel most comfortable with for their children due to COVID-19 for the upcoming school year. The survey window was open between June 5 - 15, 2020. It is important for our community to know, every comment was thoughtfully analyzed by District Leadership as well as included within the data analyzed and discussed by the Re-Visioning Steering Committee and Taskforce members. This information will assist to inform the recommendation the Re-Visioning Steering Committee will make to the Board of Education as to the best plan for the instructional model(s) the district will use for the 2020-2021 school year. 

    Findings at a Glance:

    Total Number of Responses: 1,365

    What factors most influenced your choices: 76% stated Health and Safety Considerations

    Are you willing to have your student participate in the following methods of instruction:

    Full-time in school (following public health safety guidelines):

    YES: 670   NO: 272   NOT SURE: 301

    Blended Learning (part-time Distance Learning and part-time in school):

    YES: 673   NO: 276   NOT SURE: 241

    100: Distance Learning (supported with additional live lessons and more defined schedules):

    YES: 572   NO: 389   NOT SURE: 271

    What factors most influenced your choices?

    Health and safety considerations: 1,019 (76%)

    Childcare needs: 505 (37.7%)

    Work and family schedules: 310 (23.2%)

    Other: 74 (5.5%)

    If you have the choice to keep your child home and continue in distance learning in the fall, would you keep them home?

    YES: 59.4%   NO: 40.6%

    View the Full Report by clicking on the link provided below:

    Parent Preference Survey