• Interdistrict Transfer Policy
    Interdistrict permits allow students who reside in one District to attend a school in another district; both districts must approve the transfer. Permits are considered case-by-case and are approved or denied based on the terms and conditions detailed in the District's board policy and administrative regulations. Per EC 46600(a), which states: "Once a pupil in kindergarten or any of grades 1 to 12, inclusive, is enrolled in a school pursuant to this chapter, the pupil shall not have to reapply for an interdistrict transfer, and the governing board of the school district of enrollment shall allow the pupil to continue to attend the school in which he or she is enrolled." Once an interdistrict permit is approved, an annual re-application of the permit is not required if the student continues to attend the approved District for which the permit was initially granted. 
    *The provisions of the law permit renewal of an interdistrict application for matriculation. The District may require renewals for matriculation from elementary to middle school and middle school to high school. Interdistrict renewals require supporting documentation. 
    How to Apply for an Outgoing Interdistrict Permit to Leave Duarte Unified:
    • Students in Transitional Kindergarten through grade 12 who reside within the attendance boundaries of Duarte Unified and would like to attend school in another district must obtain a valid interdistrict permit from both Duarte Unified and the requested District. 
    • The interdistrict application to be released for the future school year opens in June. 
    • One interdistrict permit application must be submitted per student.
    • Interdistrict timelines and documentation are required to be released. Click Here
    • To review Duarte Unified Board Policy and Administrative Regulation 5117 related to interdistrict permits: Click Here.
     Interdistrict applications are completed and submitted through Informed K12.
    • For the 2022-23 School year, please call (626) 599-5009




    To Appeal Denied Interdistrict Permit Out of DUSD  
    If Duarte Unified Interdistrict Permit Out is denied, you will need to complete and submit an appeal form, please email: idtpermit@duarteusd.org