• Meeting Time(s)Fridays at lunch and after school 3:00-4:30 P.M. as necessary
    Meeting Location: Room 304
    Club Advisor: Mr. Tom Traeger

    The purpose of the Aviation and Space Club is to foster a greater appreciation and understanding of all facets relating to aviation and space. Students will come away with a better understanding of both model and full-scale aviation and a potential career pathway.

    The goals of the Aviation and Space Club are as follows:

    1. To introduce students to model aviation. Students will design, build, and fly both free flight and remote controlled aircraft. We are also taking part in the UAS4STEM program, whereby students build a drone (Quadzilla Quadcopter) and compete in a search and rescue scenario competition with that drone.
    2. To introduce students to the various avenues of aerospace engineering. The short term goal of the club is to build a functional wind tunnel where various aircraft designs are tested.
    3. To introduce students to the field of space exploration. This will include possible field trips to destinations such as the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Activities could include model rocketry, mission design, and basic engineering of space missions.
    4. To introduce students to various aviation and space career pathways such as pilot, mechanic, flight attendant, aerospace engineer and any other careers that relate to aviation and space