2017 - 2018 Standardized Dress/Uniform Requirements


    Duarte Unified School District’s dress guidelines have been established to reinforce a safe and productive learning environment for all students.

    The guidelines outlined below apply to students in Grades TK-5 attending Andres Duarte Arts Academy.


    Color: Navy, Khaki

    Style: Properly hemmed and must not be worn more than one size too large. Shorts should be just above or below knees. If wearing shorts, socks are worn below hemline.

    Fabric: Cotton, blends of wool, polyester or cotton or corduroy. No jeans or sweats.

    Note: For safety reasons, belts that are too large are not to be worn.


    Color: Navy, Khaki

    Fabric: Cotton, blends of wool, polyester, cotton or corduroy. No denim.

    Note: Jumpers, skirts, skorts must be at least fingertip length and no longer than mid-calf. 


    Color: White, Light Blue, Navy, Khaki

    Style: Plain polo or knit turtlenecks, short or long sleeves; oxford shirts or blouses.

    Fabric: Cotton, cotton/polyester blend.

    Note: All shirts and blouses must have collars and sleeves. Shirts must also cover the waist and the top of pants/skirts, etc.


    Style: Closed toe and closed heel shoes.

    Note: For safety reasons, heels of shoes must be flat.


    Color: Plain colors including white, navy, light blue or khaki are recommended and preferred.

    Style: Cardigan, crew neck and V-neck sweaters, sweatshirts.

    Note: Must be worn no more than one size too large.


    Jackets and coats are not subject to uniform colors.

    Each school determines when specific spirit clothing (shirts/sweatshirts) may be worn.

    All issues surrounding the enforcement of the dress policy shall be referred to the site administrator