Graduation Requirements

  • MIT 180 Mt. Olive Innovation and Technology High School 180 (MIT 180) provides an optional setting for high school students whose needs are better met in a more flexible, personalized and accelerated instructional model. MIT 180 (Accelerated Diploma & Certificate) is tailored to meet the needs of our unique learners seeking a program where students can earn a diploma and industry certification upon graduation. MIT 180 provides a California Common-Core standards-based high school curriculum designed to help students systematically earn credits, so they can graduate with a high school diploma and certificate of choice. MIT 180 develops college and career ready students who:  Establish independence  Acquire a strong content knowledge base  Adapt communication to audience, task, purpose or discipline  Comprehend, critique and question  Cite and evaluate evidence  Use technology and digital media thoughtfully  Understand other perspectives and cultures Outcomes The desired outcome is fully engaged students who are learning in a manner best suited to their needs. This will also result in: 1) Closing the achievement gap 2) Decreasing the dropout rate 3) Increasing the graduation rate 4) Preparing students for post-secondary and career opportunities Instructional Structures ● Trimester System ● 180 Credits Diploma (California State minimum requirement) ● Precision Exams Certification ● Credit Recovery through Acellus ● Blended Learning