Graduation Requirements

  • Mt. Olive Innovation and Technology High School (MIT 180)

    • MIT provides an optional setting for high school students whose needs are better met in a more flexible, personalized and accelerated instructional model.
    • MIT 180 (Accelerated Diploma & Certificate) is tailored to meet the needs of our unique learners seeking a program where students can earn a diploma and industry certification upon graduation.
    • MIT 180 provides California Common Core Standards - Based High School Curriculum designed to help students systematically earn credits, so they can graduate with a high school diploma and a certificate of choice.

    MIT 180 develops College & Career ready students who:

    1. Establish independence
    2. Acquire a strong content knowledge base
    3. Adapt communication to audience, task, purpose or discipline
    4. Comprehend, critique and question 
    5. Cite and evaluate evidence
    6. Use technology and digital media thoughtfully
    7. Understand other perspectives and cultures

    The desired outcome for MIT is to have fully engaged students who are learning in a manner best suited to their needs. This will also result in:

    • Closing the Achievement Gap
    • Decreasing the dropout rate 
    • Increasing the Graduation Rate
    • Preparing students for Post-Secondary and Career Opportunities

    Instructional Structures offered at MIT are:

    • Trimester System
    • 180 Credits Diploma (This is the minimum requirement for the state of California)
    • Precision Exams Certification
    • Credit Recovery through Acellus
    • Blended Learning