Work Permits

  • Duarte High School students can apply to work as long as they are in good academic standing and have good school attendance. Good academic standing is a 2.0 grade point average at the time of applying. Work permits must be renewed each year and every time there is a job change. 

    Work Permit Process:

    1. Student will pick up a work permit application form (Statement of Intent to Employ a Minor) in the Career Center, room 801.

    2. Student will fill out the Minor Information section of the work permit application form.

    3. Employer hiring student will fill out, sign, and date the work permit application section for employer.

    4. Parent or legal guardian will sign and date the work permit application form.

    5. Student returns the completed work permit application form to the Career Center.

    6. The Career Guidance Counselor Paraprofessional will review the student’s grades and attendance.

    7. If work permit application form is approved, a typed work permit will be issued to the student.

    8. The student will take the typed work permit to the employer.