• Duarte Adult Transition Program

    Course: Adult Transition Program (ATP) for students aged 18-22

    Grade: Post-secondary students aged 18-22

    Pre-requisites: This course is for students who receive special education services and have not received a diploma.


    Community Based Instruction (CBI) is a class for students 18-22 years of age. The goal of this program is to facilitate the transition from school to adult life for students with severe disabilities. Curriculum and transition strategies include: Independent Living Skills, Social Skills, Recreation/Leisure Opportunities, Employment Training, Mobility Training, Economics/Money Management and Community Awareness and Services.


    The CBI Program includes appropriate identification of the individual transition needs of each student. Individual transition services are developed in conjunction with the annual IEP with each student who is 14 years or older. A student centered team develops and implement the transition services.  This team includes parents, teachers, assistants, and support staff.  Students in the CBI classes utilize the community as well as the classroom. The students learn transition skills in the environment in which they will apply them as adults. 

    The goal of the Adult Transition Program is to help students with special needs make a transition from school to the world of work.  This goal is accomplished through career exploration and varied work experiences.  Local businesses enhance the Adult Transition Programs range of services by providing job opportunities to qualified students.  Assistance with college applications, and arranging for placement tests and post-secondary education services, is available for those students enrolled in the program.
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    Monday (off campus)

    3rd– 5th period

    ·       3 students to Unity Center (with Olivas)

    ·       4 students to Grocery Outlet (with aide)

    ·       recipe planning/shopping list

    ·       remaining students grocery shopping


    6th– 7th period

    ·       campus clean-up

    ·       money skills


    Tuesday(on campus)

    3rd period

    ·       recipe planning


    4th – 5th period

    ·       cooking lesson


    6th – 7th period

    ·       campus clean-up

    ·       transition activities

    ·       job applications

    ·       housekeeping


    Wednesday (off campus)

    3rd – 5th period

    ·       all student work at Unity Center


    6th – 7th period

    ·       campus clean-up

    ·       money skills

    ·       transition activities


    Thursday (off campus)

    3rd – 5th period

    ·       all students work at Grocery Outlet


    6th -7th period

    ·       campus clean-up

    ·       transition activities

    ·       arts and crafts


    Thursday (ERD) (off campus)

    3rd – 6th period

    ·       all students work at Grocery Outlet


    7th period

    ·       lunch / library



    3rd – 7th period

    ·       off campus every other Friday



    1st period – Art (room 104) or Services (room 81)

    2nd period – Art (room 104) or Services (room 401)