• Welcome to Woodworking and AUTOCAD.
    Instructor: Mr. Siks
    Email: ssiks@duarteusd.org
    Begining Woodworking:  
       We will be drawing, constructing projects all year.  
       We will be writing a task analysis for each project. 
       We will be self evaluating our projects.
    Advanced Woodshop:  
       We will be focusing on providing and enforcing a safety environment. 
       We will be keeping a weekly power point journal for the semester.
       We will be completing several projects including a community service project.
    AutoCAD:   The computer aided drafting class utilizes the AutoCAD program to help students learn:
       How to interface with the AutoCAD program using the command line, the menu bars and pull down menus.
       How to interpret 2D drawings into 3D projects.
       How to follow directions in a tutorial.
       How to use all the drawing commands to complete drawings of high quality.
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