Welcome to the Personnel Department

  • We strive to recruit and retain highly qualified Certificated and Classified Staff. We are available to assist all employees by providing prompt and personalized service. Resources are available to support our employees with all of their employment needs including all items related to credentialing and certification. We are prepared to provide all staff members with the appropriate resources they need to achieve success as members of the Duarte Unified School District Team. 

Personnel Services Team

  • Rick Crosby

    Assistant Superintendent of Personnel

    (626) 599-5005 phone
    (626) 599-5075 fax


    Patty Garcia

    Confidential Secretary, Certificated Personnel
    (626) 599-5001 phone
    (626) 599-5075 fax


    Carole Baroni

    Confidential Secretary, Classified Personnel
    (626) 599-5002 phone
    (626) 599-5075 fax


    Claudia Hernandez

    Education Center Receptionist
    (626) 599-5004 phone
    (626) 599-5069 fax