Students at DHS need to complete:
               - at least 1 project per week with DAILY progress on the project. 
    Students are graded DAILY on participation on their project and are expected to work the entire class period. Non- participation, wasting time, disrespectful or disruptive behavior will not give you "participation". 50% of class grade is on participation. The other 50%  is skill-level aligned projects.
    Students are expected to behave as if they are in a quiet, respectful studio art setting. We are respectful of one another and materials, come to class on time ready to work, have appropriate conversations with language void of profanity/vulgarity.
    We will cover all the Elements of Art- Line, Color, Shape, Value, Texture, Form and Space as well as the Principals of Art- Balance, Unity, Rhythm, Variety, Emphasis, Movement, Pattern and ProportionThe art medias we will study include drawing with graphite and colored pencils, oil pastels, chalk pastels and markers, painting with watercolor, tempera and acrylic paints and sculpture with clay, plaster and papier mache. We will also explore printmaking, decoupage, marbling, fiber arts, origami, fashion design, cartooning, illustration, mosaic and photography. The class will integrate the core subjects through art production, art history and art criticism. Students will work collaboratively and use technology as a learning tool for technique and skill development, introduction to new concepts and to provide visual reference.