• What are the Next Generation Science Standards?
    Maxwell Elementary is implementing the Next Generation Science Standards throughout the units of inquiry. The Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) was developed by teachers, scientists, and leaders in science and science education from around the country. These standards focus on the big ideas in science and emphasizes the common practices that scientists use every day, such as planning investigations, developing models, and designing solutions. The NGSS encourage students to learn the processes of science in a deep, meaningful way through firsthand investigative experiences, instead of just memorizing facts for a test. This scientific way of thinking will ensure that the concepts children learn in school will stay with them for a lifetime.
    The NGSS promotes a new way of teaching and learning that allows students to actively do and experience science in a deep, meaningful way, not just learn about it from a textbook or a lecture. The standards accomplish this by integrating three dimensions of learning:
    • science disciplinary core ideas (the content, for example, biology);
    • major practices (how science is conducted in the real world, such as through planning and carrying out investigations); and
    • crosscutting concepts (science ideas, like cause and effect, that permeate all the sciences).