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AOS Culinary Arts

Mr. Jason Prince


    This year we are taking the Culinary Arts program in a new direction.  Chef Instructor Jason Prince has designed an A-G approved course that is aligned with the National Restaurant Association's ProStart program .  The lessons in Culinary Fundamentals 1 and 2 are applicable to a capstone course in food service within a 3 sequence career pathway for the Hospitality, Recreation and Tourism industry.  The students receive training in career success, nutrition, business math, kitchen basics, the history of food service, desserts, baked goods, marketing, menu design, purchasing and many other areas of the hospitality industry.  Our goal is to create a well rounded culinary based education as well as a skill set that will add to a student's "human capital."   Human capital is the skills, knowledge, habits, social and personality attributes including creativity that is a measure of the economic value of an employee. Students can potentially add to their human capital by discovering talents they are not currently using. Chef Prince feels that the opportunity is there for anyone to excel and as a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu and a life long learner,  he has the technical knowledge to provide a strong learning environment with a focus on the future of food. 
    **This web page is constantly being updated.  It will serve as the source for all information as it pertains to the Culinary Arts classes, including homework assignments, schedules and any other pertinent information.  It will provide a resource for all student and their families to help ensure that everyone is aware of what we are doing in class.** -Chef Prince
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