• Syllabus for 11th Grade U.

    Duarte High School

    Instructor: Dr. D. Cooper

    Room: Room 607

    E-mail: Dcooper@duarteusd.org

    Phone:  (626) 599-5702

    Office Hours: Available for students and parents by appointment


    Course Descriptions

    United States History

     This course provides a one-year survey of American history from the Colonial Period and the American Revolution to the present day, with an emphasis on the twentieth century.  Using the textbook and primary documents and current events, students learn about the various political, social, religious, and economic developments that have shaped and continue to shape the United States.  Essay writing and critical thinking are emphasized as integral ways of understanding how the past relates to the present and future.  A major research project is required in both semester.
    World History
    World History is a year-long required survey course that explores the key events and global historical developments since 1350 A.C.E. that have shaped the world we live in today. The scope of Modern World History provides the latitude to range widely across all aspects of human experience: economics, science, religion, philosophy, politics & law, military conflict, literature & the arts. The course will illuminate connections between our lives and those of our ancestors around the world. Students will uncover patterns of behavior, identify historical trends and themes, explore historical movements and concepts, and test theories. Students will refine their ability to read for comprehension and critical analysis; summarize, categorize, compare, and evaluate information; write clearly and convincingly; express facts and opinions orally; and use technology appropriately to present information.