•  The LEARNING ZONE where the CLOUD Rocks!  Image result for cloud emoji

         Greetings 21st Century LEARNERS,


              I’m Mr. Kenney {aka: Mr. Cloud}  Welcome  to the current academic year at Duarte High School Image result for emoji school


        Exciting opportunities are waiting for you with the  Common Core State Standards, Cloud-Based Learning, civic education through our Democracy in Action program, how to manage your money and credit through our Financial Literacy program, Global Trekking, and more.


        My focus in the LEARNING ZONE is to present the course content in an engaging,

    relevant, focused fun way that will not only challenge you, but assist in preparing you as shoulder tapped graduates or career pathway ready Fabulous Falcons. :}


                  PLEASE join together with a positive, flexible, and open mind.

                       DON’T prejudge.  Keep an OPEN MIND.  Be Flexible.

                                Everyday, start fresh.  I know I will. 


                       Check GOOGLE CLASSROOM.  Image result for google classroom

                                           I’ll provide the information you need to SUCCEED.

                                          Email: jkenney@duarteusd.org

               Graduation Counts!