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DUEA & DUSD Three-Year Contract Agreement Through 2020-21

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(Duarte, CA) – The bargaining teams of the Duarte Unified School District (DUSD) and the Duarte Unified Educators Association (DUEA) reached a multi-year agreement regarding compensation for certificated staff members that was approved by the Board of Education at the Regular Meeting held on Thursday, April 19, 2018.

The terms stipulate the 2017-18 certificated salary schedules shall be increased by 7.21% over the course of the agreement. In fact, since 2015-16, DUSD certificated staff will receive a combined salary increase of 12.21% plus an additional $1,300 in fringe benefits.

The members of DUEA ratified the tentative agreement on March 23, with 84% of members voting in support of the agreed upon terms. The negotiators for both bargaining teams are to be commended for working collaboratively through the Interest Based Bargaining (IBB) process to achieve a mutually beneficial result for both parties.

According to DUEA Lead Negotiator, Marine Dagesyan-Lucha, “Teams remained committed to the IBB process, and we were able to reach a two-year agreement on a salary increase equating to 7% that will be paid out over the course of one year. DUEA felt that a two-year agreement was essential in ensuring that our teachers are a priority in the 2018-19 school year.”

Attracting and retaining the highest qualified workforce by offering just compensation was one of seven primary initiatives contained in the district’s five-year strategic plan, known as the Competitive Advantage Plan (CAP), certified by Resolution and adopted by the Governing Board at its regular meeting held on July 21, 2016. This opportunity to increase compensation was the direct result of the CAP initiatives that led to a significant increase in enrollment after 15 consecutive years of decline.

“The Board of Education has been committed to turning around this district for the engagement of all its children, the employment and benefits of all its teachers and to provide the region with a destination district for others to come and learn. The agreement with our certificated staff is evidence of this commitment. In a time when other educational districts are making drastic cuts, Duarte Unified School District is passionately pursuing its vision: 21st Century Schools Producing 21st Century Students,” stated Board President, Reverend Douglas Edwards.

Both DUSD and DUEA are motivated to continue to work together to continue to operationalize the initiatives and subsequent actions documented in the district’s strategic plan. To that end, an additional
component of the current multi-year tentative agreement is contingency language that stipulates that both sides will return to the bargaining table in good faith should the district’s enrollment in the Fall of 2018 (as identified in the certified CALPADS enrollment report) exceed the 2018-19 June Adopted Budget enrollment projection.

"For a 29-year Board member to be as excited as I am to witness the renaissance in Duarte schools is truly remarkable. As a result of the actions and foresight to operationalize the vision of our district, we have become a destination for education...we are able to show our teachers we value them by approving this agreement and give our students extraordinary opportunities…and it's only the beginning!" stated Board Vice President, Mr. Kenneth Bell.