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Students SOAR at Royal Oaks STEAM Academy

Gaining momentum across the Nation is a research-based approach called Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS). This framework for creating learning spaces that promote positive behavior and inclusivity for all students was first adopted by Royal Oaks STEAM Academy four years ago. We are thrilled to announce we have received the Silver Medal from the California PBIS Coalition for demonstrating fidelity in implementing the core features.

PBIS is not a packaged curriculum or character-building program, it is a systematic approach for establishing the campus culture and individualized behavioral supports needed for our school to be an effective learning environment for our students. Surprisingly, the real focus is actually on changing adult responses to student behaviors. All of the adults working at our school site that interact with our children are part of the process.

Our teachers, proctors, librarians, custodians, food services staff, and support staff all become PBIS trained. The result is a school-wide system where appropriate behavior is expected and demonstrated by students and acknowledged frequently with positive reinforcement by adults. To ensure fidelity, data is collected and used for on-going evaluation of the effectiveness of the system.

PBIS provides a common language and specific behavior expectations for every area of our school. Our students are given clear expectations not just for the classroom, but for behavior in the hallway, on the play yard, in the cafeteria, everywhere school-wide.  

To reinforce clear goals, we have adopted the acronym SOAR  - Solve Problems Wisely, Respect Others and Themselves, Maintain a Positive Attitude, and Make Responsible Choices.

“It is an honor to receive this recognition. Our PBIS Team leaders, staff and students are to be commended for taking bold measures to make sure our school offers the best learning environment for our students to achieve and succeed,” shared Principal Tamanaha.

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