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A View Inside Our Academy of Technology & Creative Learning

Nestled in the San Gabriel Valley Mountains, Valley View Academy proudly serves over 350 students in Grades TK-6. Over the past two years, our school has embraced a thematic approach to instruction that focuses on technology and creative learning.

Our transformation from a traditional elementary model to a cutting-edge academy is evident from the wide selection of flexible student seating, one-to-one tech devices, weekly coding sessions, arts integration, and ample opportunities for creative writing. Our students have the freedom of choice in problem-solving and take ownership of their learning.

We offer numerous exciting programs that stimulate students’ STEM skills and help them access the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Two favorites are Mystery Science and Project Lead the Way (PLTW). Through Mystery Science, students act as detectives during interactive activities aligned with NGSS. PLTW provides engaging hands-on science units that empower students to develop in-demand knowledge and skills through real-world applications.

As a result, some of the unique activities visitors to our campus will see are students planting grass seeds utilizing scattering devices they have engineered, the construction of boots made for a habitat students have been virtually placed within, and student-designed robots commanded from iPads maneuvering through an obstacle course to rid an area of “toxic” waste.

“As a former science teacher, I love using PLTW and Mystery Science, both are exciting hands-on applications that stimulate students’ thinking and help them fully connect with the Next Generation Science Standards,” shared Principal Rasmussen.

All members of our learning community join together for Family Math & Science Nights, and this year a Coding Evening is in the works. It’s no wonder why Valley View has been named to the Educational Results Partnership Honor Roll for high achievement in student success, and is the recipient of the Silver Medal from the California PBIS Coalition.

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