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We Play with Purpose at Duarte Preschool

All the research shows, children who succeed in school get the right start on their education early. At Duarte Preschool, it is our mission to provide learning experiences to develop cognitive skills by encouraging each child to organize their experiences, to understand concepts, and to develop age-appropriate literacy, numeracy, reasoning, problem solving, decision-making, and critical thinking skills, which form a foundation for school readiness and later school success.

We currently serve over 180 children in our preschool programs on the campuses of Andres Duarte Academy, Beardslee Academy, and Maxwell Academy. There are a variety of full-day and half-day classes that are free for eligible families funded by the state as well as fee-based options.

You’ll see our children happily at play, but it is purposeful by design as we use a creative curriculum that incorporates research-based approaches like GLAD (Guided Language Acquisition Design), STEAM (Science, Technology, Art & Mathematics) and PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports). A key component of our program is our focus on parent engagement. Throughout the year we host family events and encourage parent involvement in our learning activities.

Coordinator Valdez shared, “Our comprehensive program encompasses health, nutrition, mental health, family partnerships, and parent involvement that sets the foundation to prepare young children for academic and future life success.’’

The leading early childhood education advocacy nonprofit group called Child360 concurs and designated Duarte Preschool as a model Early Education program. We also received the honor of being selected as the site for Senator Anthony Portantino’s roundtable discussion on early childhood education policy, which was attended by experts in the field from across California to address funding and wrap-around service supports to ensure all children are school-ready. Duarte Preschool was showcased as the example to replicate. Visit us and you will see why! Sign-up for a tour at

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