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Yearbook Updates

  • Our 2017 Yearbooks are in full production and are expected to arrive between May 12- May 14.
    All yearbooks will be released on Tuesday, May 16th in the morning!
    On Monday(If books will have arrived), an Early Release will be given to students who are nominated by one teacher per student. However, those students need to have already purchased the yearbook in order to get the book one day earlier.
    There are 240 pages in this year's yearbook. It comes with a hard book cover + a dust-off jacket with class of 2017 Panorama picture inside the jacket. However, due to copy-right issue, the Panorama picture was not from the Clifford Studio. It was a back-up photo taken by us. So the quality is not as good as the studio's. 
    The price for the yearbook is $75, same price to everyone, with ASB or without ASB.

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